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Clive Barker has emerged victorious in a legal confrontation with his ex-boyfriend Emilian Armstrong. The English author, best known for works like Hellraiser and Candyman, was sued earlier this year for a slew of shocking and heinous reasons including infecting the estranged lover with HIV, but apparently, the facts of the case didn’t hold any water with the judge who pitched the entire thing this week.

According to TMZ, Armstrong claimed Barker told him he contracted HIV after a sexual encounter with his own cousin. Back in the late 90s, they were supposedly both diagnosed with the disease and planned to fight it together as life partners, but over the years, their on-and-off relationship allegedly deteriorated in the midst of crazy S&M parties involving syringes until Armstrong was kicked out of the house.

When the case first went in front of the judge, he told Armstrong to produce some more evidence, but for whatever reason, he never altered the filing at all. Consequently, when the suit was dismissed earlier this week, it was dismissed with prejudice, meaning Armstrong cannot bring it back at any point in the future, even if he finally produces evidence to support any of this.

Clearly, some shit went down between Barker and Armstrong. They supposedly lived together along with Armstrong’s daughter for an extended period of time before their falling out. Here’s to hoping everyone involved is able to get healthy and focus on the future.

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