Food myths abound on the internet, and in life. Everyone has theories and “did you hear?” exclamations about a bountiful amount of misinformation. McDonald’s, being the biggest fast food chain, is the target of many of these claims. Some are true, some are trueish, and some are just false. The most famous recent case is the “pink goop” photo. A photo that makes me mad because it reminds me of one of my least favorite Buffy episodes, “Doublemeat Palace.”

“It’s a process they do to the meat.”

The video above comes from McDonald’s Canada directly, and it should be noted that this is propaganda. Convincing propaganda at that. It’s part of McDonald’s Canada’s initiative to dispel urban myths about their food, without having to link folks to There are some crazy theories about fast food out there, but the truth is that it’s mostly all edible and normal stuff. The problem isn’t that it’s made of a goop, or is made of horse meat. The problem is that it’s loaded with salt, sugar, and fat. In other words, the fast food industry makes delicious food. They don’t make good food.

I personally don’t understand why people continuously put the junk into their bodies when it always makes you feel sick. Part of the “seasoning” they talk about in this video includes adding a bunch of sugars and salts to the nuggets. How about the same emulsifier used in shampoo? That’s in there too, as well as a tasty petroleum based preservative. And that batter? You can bet that the refined sugars in there are adding a great deal to the flavor. And while the Canadian McNugget may contain mostly white breast meat, not all of them do.

Also, the pink slime in question is a real thing. It’s made from beef, not chicken, and was used in American McDonald’s hamburgers until the public outcry.

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