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Tanning mom knows she’s hot, and she doesn’t care who sees it. As such, the forty-four-year-old recently announced she’d strongly consider stripping off her clothing and baring all for Playboy if the men’s magazine came to New Jersey with an offer. Unfortunately for her, it’s looking like that monetary proposition will never come, at least not from Hugh Hefner.

Sources connected to Playboy told TMZ today the eighty-six-year-old hasn’t even the slightest bit of interest in seeing Patricia Krentcil naked. The magazine wouldn’t pay her to pose for a spread in its monthly release, nor would it pay her to pose on its website or in any of the offshoots. It’s a complete and resounding no from Playboy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean another magazine won’t extend an invite for Tanning Mom to flaunt her goods.

That might sound strange to you, but there’s actually a lot of people out there who would take a glance if they knew no one else was looking. The Guinness Book Of World Records has been thriving off curiosities for years, and it’s hard to imagine that same logic wouldn’t apply here. That being said, any magazine that did shell out money would probably be stigmatized and offend a whole other percentage of its readers.

What do you think? If no one else would ever know, would you flip a page to see what Tanning Mom’s burnt features look like? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Would You Look At A Naked Picture Of Tanning Mom?

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