Although I really had empathy for Phillip Phillips’ drive during his tenure on American Idol when he performed while suffering kidney problems, in the aftermath, I became a little nervous for him. The newly crowned winner took a bit of a break after winning, later saying he would undergo surgery soon, but the procedure had to be delayed yet again due to a sinus infection complicated by a fever. Although watching all of the delays was a little bit nerve wracking, I would never wish anything bad on anyone, which is why I am happy to report the the 21-year-old has finally undergone surgery and is doing well.

Post-operation, the young man is not yet out and about, but his rep recently told E! Online the surgery was successful, which means those kidney stones that were supposedly too large to pass have been taken out. At one point Phillips’ right kidney “kind of” was not working properly, which sounds a lot more serious than anyone associated with the young man was alluding, so it's nice to hear he is doing just fine after surgery.

Despite delays, the operation has been accomplished just in time for the Idol tour to kick off in a couple of weeks, so fans will be able to catch the young man in action beginning in Detroit on July 6, provided recovery goes well. We already know Phillips is a hard worker who has a capacity to achieve through some strife. Wiith no surgery complications, I expect to see him singing versions of “Volcano” and “Stand by Me” soon.

Pop Blend wishes the best to the young man in his recovery, as well as his upcoming endeavors.

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