Performers are one of the worst offenders when it comes to ignoring a doctor’s advice. Oftentimes, this happens with good reason. A singer will find out he or she will have vocal nodes or any one of the numerous throat problems that can occur if one does not take care of one’s voice. However, that singer just might be on a multi-million dollar tour or simply feel he or she can’t let down fans. Which might work for a couple of months, until, voila!, emergency surgery must be undergone (Here’s looking at you, John Mayer). Today, American Idol winner Phillip Phillips learned he must undergo surgery very soon, only it is not for the reasons one would expect.

Phillips just put his voice through a grueling set of challenges over a fairly short number of weeks to come away with the Idol crown. However, if you watched the eleventh season of the hit Fox singing competition, you know his issues don’t stem from throat problems, but instead come from issues related to kidney stones that almost forced the 21 year-old contestant to leave the competition. Now, with a win in his back pocket, he is ready to get the issue taken care of.

Unfortunately, the kidney stone problems are so difficult they will require surgery. According to TMZ, the big event is planned to go down in Los Angeles sometime in the next 7-10 days, and Phillips’ family is even flying in to support the young man. Pop Blend would like to congratulate him on the win, but even more so, congratulate the fact Phillips is finally listening to the doctor’s orders. Sometimes you have to let down fans for a little while to ensure you will be performing over the long haul.

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