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Jason Kidd’s ex-wife, Joumana Kidd, may have gone through a pretty public and pretty horrific split with her former husband, but she’s still willing to defend the man when the occasion arises. Recently, word hit the street that Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban will not retire the number Kidd used when he was still a member of the team, a situation Joumana does not entirely agree with.

Kidd was initially expected to finish out his last couple of years in Dallas as part of the Mavs. However, after seeing Tyson’s Chandler’s poor contract offer and noting Jason Terry got the shaft with no contract offer, Kidd also decided splitsville was a better option than sticking around on a team that seems bound to lose. Cuban, however, sees Kidd’s decision to play on the New York Knicks as a slap in the face to his team and to the city of Dallas, which is why he does not want to retire the jersey.

This whole debacle led TMZ to contact Joumana, who believes Kidd is one of the finest specimens ever to reach a basketball arena. Because of his point guard prowess, she feels Kidd's jersey should get the chance to be hung for all to see.
"Lots of fans would love to see his jersey retired in Dallas ... I believe he’s earned it and he deserves that based on what he did for the Mavericks.”

It’s easy to see why Cuban may feel a little disgruntled with the current state of affairs on his team; however, if Joumana can put down her relationship grievances, Cuban should be able to forgive a petty feud, and at least seriously consider the notion of retiring the number. It’s not like the Mavs have a long history of extremely renowned players to fill up the rafters.

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