Dazed And Confused star Jason London isn’t taking his recent arrest lightly. In fact, he’s decided to fight it out in court rather than work on a plea agreement with prosecutors. As such, the actor had his attorney officially plead not guilty in court this week on charges of disorderly conduct and assault.

The widely reported incident in question happened at the end of January in Scottsdale, Arizona. London was drinking inside a bar along with his wife when he allegedly sneezed on a bouncer and threw a punch at him. The dude in question supposedly tuned up London pretty good, threw him out of the establishment and phoned the police. When they arrived, the actor allegedly threatened them, mouthed off, threw some punches and hilariously, took a dump inside their squad car.

In recent weeks, London has publically fired back and accused the bouncers of beating him for no reason. He thinks this whole mess is one big conspiracy, and he’s convinced he didn’t do anything wrong on the night in question except maybe have a few too many beers in peace.

According to TMZ, the pretrial date has been set for April 11. At that point, it should become clear whether London will actually see this trial through to the end or whether he’ll back down and work out some kind of arrangement that will definitely keep him out of jail.

We’ll keep you updated. Until then, if you find yourself in the back of a police vehicle, try and hold it.

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