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A lot of the East Coast is feeling a little under the weather post-Hurricane Sandy, and its no surprise New Jersey’s Seaside Heights also was hit hard. The boardwalk is demolished in the town, parts of the amusement park are still under water, and water has submerged portions of homes throughout the town. The Jersey Shore cast, who made the seaside town known across the country, are just devastated by the news.

The cast recently stepped forward to talk about the place they congregated for multiple seasons of MTV’s hit show. The general consensus with each of the group members is that the aftermath to the town has been horrific, and Vinny, Snooki, Jenny, Sammi, and Pauly D are all thinking about those affected and looking forward to the future, when the devastation is behind all of Seaside Heights’ citizens. According to MTV, Vinny Guadagnino is even offering his support.
"Over the last few years, it feels like Seaside Heights has become my second home. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who was affected by this disaster in Seaside and all across the Northeast. I'm here to support in any way I can."

It sounds like the road to fixing the popular destination town will be somewhat difficult. Currently, many businesses have been affected by the storms, and damage to properties across the city will cost a pretty penny. It could be years before Seaside Heights fully recovers. It’s difficult to think about the Jersey Shore cast members moving forward with their lives and not having their favorite summer spot to return to, but hopefully Seaside Heights will be able to clean up and move forward sooner rather than later.