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Jersey Shore might be known for its cast members’ boozy behavior, but it seems, at least for one night, no inebriated decisions were made. The reality stars began filming for the new season earlier this week. As such, they headed out to a club last night, and all reportedly abstained from alcohol. The sobriety might be quite a change, but given the very public backstory, it’s not altogether surprising.

Earlier this year, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino checked into rehab. He’s admitted it was for prescription drugs, but rumors have long floated around the Internet that alcohol was also involved. Regardless, he’s attempting to get clean and sober. His fellow castmate Snooki has also laid off the booze on account of her pregnancy. With a quarter of the castmembers striving for level-headed behavior, it’s likely the others decided last night’s excursion was the perfect choice to show solidarity.

According to TMZ, rather than attempting one night stands and fistpumping, the show’s stars spent their evening on a patio outside the bar, which happened to be the very same one Snooki once got punched at. Sometimes chill evenings are a welcome change, but it remains to be seen whether this relaxed demeanor will last through the entirety of the shoot.

Viewers have learned to expect a certain type of behavior from the Jersey Shore men and women. That behavior has led to huge ratings, but without it, it’s unclear if MTV will be able to justify their bloated salaries and production costs.

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