Jessica Biel and new fiancé Justin Timberlake have been engaged since the end of December, give or take a few days. The whole deal has been pretty secretive, with Timberlake’s grandmother, of all people, eventually spilling the beans. Yet, on several occasions on the town in days since, Biel has been photographed without an engagement ring.

Sure, she might have been having the ring sized, or possibly wanting a little privacy, but yeesh, I wish she would keep that sucker on more often than a simple, private dinner party so the rest of us engagement ring lovers could get a look at it. Luckily, for fans, People recently got a nice look at Biel’s new bling. It may not be as bling-y as Tracy Jordon's E.G.O.T necklace on 30 Rock, but it is pretty close.

Biel shared a nice lunch with Timberlake in Los Angeles on Thursday. For the meal, Biel sported a shiny teal dress that complemented the bold, bright sparkle of her massive square-cut diamond with plenty of teenier diamonds surrounding it. That thing makes my engagement ring look like child’s play, people. People’s article has a nice and zoomed in, perfect view of the flashy but classy rock. Hopefully, we will all see more of the ring in the coming months, although I will totally give her a pass if she decides not to wear the thing to the gym. Sometimes a gal’s got to take that honking thing off.

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