Someone might go to jail for the massive brawl that went down at Foxwoods earlier this year, but it won’t be popular musician Jim Jones. The rapper’s lawyer engineered a plea agreement this week that will allow his client to get out of breach of peace and inciting a riot charges in exchange for admitting he interfered with a police officer. That might sound like a big deal, but in the great state of Connecticut, it’s actually only a one thousand dollar fine.

According to TMZ, the case has been officially closed by the district attorney’s office. It shouldn’t affect the rapper at all moving forward, but one would imagine it probably has altered the security measures Foxwood has in place.

The crazy brawl went down all the way back in February after a party sponsored by mogul Diddy. Jones decided to head out on the gambling floor for awhile when he was reportedly approached by an extremely intoxicated man trying to start shit. After ignoring the dude for awhile, the musician allegedly had enough and started engaging. A full scale brawl quickly broke out with the dude’s friends and Jones’ entourage, and by the time police arrived, it was chaos. It supposedly took five police officers and some mace to hold Jim back.

Obviously, the rapper’s response to the situation was overkill, but it’s nice to see prosecutors took into account that he was minding his own business when someone else started problems.

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