Joe Simpson Is Reportedly Denying The Gay Rumors To Friends

When news of Joe and Tina Simpson’s divorce first went public, most of the stories were accompanied by a slew of gay rumors centering around the patriarch and a much younger male backup dancer and model. In the weeks since the separation confirmation, those whispers have steadily gotten louder with each alleged gay bar sighting and each supposed former hookup. If Jessica’s father is to be believed, however, none of these allegations have even the slightest merit.

According to TMZ, Papa Joe has been on the offensive over the past few days, telling any friends who will listen that he’s not a homosexual and any claims to the contrary are “ridiculous”. When the rumors first broke, many expected Simpson to release a very clear and aggressive public statement denying there was any gay element to his divorce, but instead, he opted for a more generic statement about third parties not being involved. If these personal life denials are to be believed, there are two possible explanations for his behavior.

1)He doesn’t want to make homosexuality look like a bad thing by feeling the need to come out and assert his heterosexuality. 2) He’s actually lying to people in his personal life but doesn’t want to goad the media into digging up more evidence. With other people, there might be a third option involving a desire to keep one’s private life private, but Simpson has always been very forthright and willing to speak on the record.

The truth will come out eventually, whether it’s an indictment of those who fabricated personal life drama or whether it’s an indictment of Joe’s double life.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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