Jon Cryer’s Ex-Wife Wants How Much A Month In Child Support?

Two And A Half Men star Jon Cryer makes a lot of money. As such, he shells out $8,000 a month to his ex-wife Sarah Trigger to take care of their thirteen-year-old son who she looks after about half of the time. If she’s to be believed, however, that money is little more than a slap in the face and leaves the poor kid broke and out of luck compared to his rich friends at the prestigious Buckley School.

According to TMZ, Trigger would like a judge to up the child support payments by quite a bit, ten times to be exact. If all goes according to plan, the ex-wife would like $88,969 a month to take care of the boy, which she claims is entirely reasonable since Cryer is supposedly making upwards of $2 million a month thanks to the incredible success of Two And A Half Men.

The problem, as Trigger sees it, has nothing to do with normal, everyday expenses but instead the exorbitant special activities their son’s friends take part in. For example: many of them take vacations to Europe and hold gigantic birthday parties with hundreds of guests. He’s unable to compete on that measly $8,000 a month, which leaves poor Charlie feeling left out.

Much of childhood is about trying to fit in with your peers. In fact, studies have been done that illustrate relative poverty is more damaging to a kid’s self-esteem than absolute poverty. That being said, there has to be some kind of middle ground between $8,000 a month and $88,969 a month. After all, no kid, no matter where he lives, needs more than one million dollars a year for expenses.

Look for all involved to work together and come to some kind of agreement in the near future. Cryer isn’t going to want to spend months dealing with this nonsense in court, and more than likely, Trigger will be willing to settle for some kind of uptick in money. We’ll keep you updated.

Mack Rawden
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