The Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit is, for the sake of simplicity, most often referred to as a battle between Katherine Jackson and AEG, but until today, it was actually far more complicated. Katherine and MJ’s three children technically filed suit against AEG and two executives named Randy Phillips and Paul Gongaware. After months of testimony, however, the Los Angeles area judge ruled not enough evidence against neither Phillips nor Gongaware was presented for the jury to even decide on judgments.

Technically, today’s ruling doesn’t have any effect on the specifics of the lawsuit between AEG and the Jackson family, but in actuality, it’s probably a pretty good sign for AEG. If there was enough evidence to proceed against the company’s top executives, one would imagine there would be even more evidence against the company itself since it’s the decisions of numerous individuals that the Jackson family thinks makes AEG liable for MJ’s death.

Here’s what AEG attorney Marvin Putnam told The New York Daily News
"This is a huge victory for Phillips and Gongaware. The Jacksons have besmirched their reputations and dragged their good names through the mud without any basis whatsoever."

Much of the wrongful death lawsuit boils down to who was more responsible for Dr. Conrad Murray: Michael Jackson or AEG? Murray was the former’s personal doctor. He was later imprisoned for his role in MJ’s death. If Katherine is to be believed, AEG ultimately bares the responsibility for his errors because they hired and failed to monitor him. If AEG is to be believed, however, he was merely being paid through an advance on MJ’s money, which means Jackson himself was the one who brought him on board. In addition, the company thinks the pop star’s long history of prescription drug usage means he too should shoulder part of the blame for his own death.

It’s unclear exactly how much longer the trial might go on for, but most experts think it should be over within the next month or so. We will keep you updated.

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