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Kanye West is a man of many talents, but taking a joke is definitely not one of them. Just days after giving one of the most aggressively egotistical interviews in the history of media, the rapper went off this evening in an epic Twitter rant on late night host Jimmy Kimmel for having the nerve to create a spoof of his sitdown.

The spoof in question ran on Kimmel’s show last night. It checks in at less than three minutes and features child actors reciting lines from the interview. To be perfectly honest, it’s really not that offensive. In fact, it’s got nothing on the right hands shows like The Soup throw on a regular basis, but obviously, the rapper’s teasing tolerance isn’t exactly developed fully.

Here’s Kimmel’s spoof…

God only knows how someone could impregnate one of the most talked about women in the world and have a full-on freak out over something as minor as that, but there’s really no point in trying to figure out what the hell goes through Kanye’s mind anymore. Instead, it’s better to just sit back and laugh at his always defensive, rarely chill personality.

On the one hand, I can logically understand why West’s fuse is a little short. I’m sure it’s very difficult to pour your feelings out for a living, only to be mocked by someone who you thought was your friend. I’m sure all the photographers and all the headlines get really old after awhile. There’s no way his life is easy. On the other hand, however, not only is it exactly the life he signed up for, he, of all people, should understand Jimmy Kimmel’s job is to make fun of other people. There’s nothing personal about his teases. He’s paid to comment on popular culture, just as Kanye is paid to rap. Besides, most of us learn by the time we go to Kindergarten that throwing a hissy fit doesn't make anyone look good.

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Should Kanye Be Ashamed Of Himself?

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