Kat Von D has had it up to here with cheaters. The tattoo artist was allegedly cheated on by her ex-fiancé Jesse James on at least nineteen occasions, and if her implication is to be believed, she and current fiancé Deadmau5 just broke up for the very same reason, save the nineteen part.

Here’s what Von D had to say on Twitter…

That sounds like a pretty scathing indictment, but from Deadmau5’s perspective, there’s a hell of a lot more to this story than he cheated, case closed. In fact, while the popular DJ isn’t typically the world’s biggest fan of airing his personal business, he decided he couldn’t let her inference go without setting the record straight. Here’s what he had to say via his Facebook account
All i am saying on the matter:

Kat and I split in November and I moved back home to Toronto. During this time, while we were broken up, I did have relations with another woman. Following that, Kat and I reconciled and I acknowledged being intimate with another person while we were estranged.

We did move past those issues and I proposed to Kat in mid- December. At the end of June, it was clear that the relationship was not working and we mutually ended the engagement. I was not, at any point, unfaithful to Kat during our time together.

I don't wish to go tit for tat with these kinds of pronouncements and don't expect to comment further, but I do believe that those who have expressed concern deserve a more complete understanding of what transpired.

Fooling around with someone else during a break is always a dicey situation that can lead to hurt feelings, but if all involved agree to get past it and work on the relationship, you really can’t really keep bringing it up every time there’s a problem. If it gets filed away in the past, it needs to stay there, unless, of course, there’s a separate cheating incident, at which point it can be used as ammunition in an argument. That's absolutely fair.

Von D and Deadmau5 surprised everyone when they started dating back in September of last year. They were clearly a bit of an odd pair, but despite the early break-up, there was something that just seemed right about the two after their reconciliation. Unfortunately, whatever that random bit of rightness was wasn’t enough to make the two overcome any of the more tangible challenges they faced.

Von D is nothing if not a born romantic. She seems to love diving hard into relationships and hoping to finally find her happy ending. Given how much joy she’s brought to other people with both her reality show and her sweet tattoos, we wish her nothing but the best moving forward. With enough common sense and effort, both she and Deadmau5 can find the right life partners. Sadly, it just doesn’t seem like it will involve each other anymore.

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