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Swimsuit model Kate Upton may have split from Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander, but that doesn’t mean she’s already moved on with Diddy. Rumors have swirled for the past twenty-four hours that the two got hot and heavy inside the VIP section of a Miami nightclub and are now dating, but if you take it from the two people involved, that definitely didn’t happen.

Today, both Diddy and Upton’s reps told TMZ the two barely even know each other. Publicist statements aren’t always the most trustworthy, but they barely know each other explanations are always far better than they’re only friends explanations because assumedly, people actually dating would be spotted in public together on at least a semi-regular basis.

Upton, just twenty-years-old, has really come into her own as a model/ celebrity over the past few years. She’s been featured twice on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and last year, she attracted a stream of attention for her Cat Daddy dance. Dating Diddy no doubt would have brought her to the attention of quite a few more people, but considering her career trajectory, she probably doesn’t need to factor in a partner’s fame in her dating choices, unless she’s in to that sorta thing.

Pop Blend will update you whenever either of these two catches actually starts dating someone. Until then, feel free to think about how talented their hypothetical babies would be.