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Katherine Jackson Reportedly Wants More Money From MJ's Estate

Katherine Jackson doesn’t think her monthly allowance from Michael Jackson’s Estate is enough to live on. At least that’s what many are taking away from the matriarch’s recent request to be given extra money to pay for cable, food, utilities and more when she stays at Janet Jackson’s house in Las Vegas.

The singer purchased the home several years ago, specifically for her mother to use when she wants to get away. Consequently, while Katherine can live there rent free, she still has to take care of the expenses involved with actually running the house. Her monthly stipend from the Michael Jackson Estate hasn’t been publically revealed, but it’s rumored to be well into the five figures. It’s unclear why this wouldn’t be more than enough to pay basic utilities costs, but apparently, there’s at least some substance to her request.

According to TMZ, the executors intend on paying Katherine at least some of the money she’s looking for, but in order to do that, they need permission from a judge first. The necessary legal documents have reportedly been filed; so, now, it’s just a matter of getting a sympathetic ear.

In the grand scheme of things, this money is probably a drop in the bucket. It’s not going to bankrupt the late singer’s huge estate, but it is a sign of how almost every single member of this family is almost obnoxiously incompetent when it comes to realizing how things come off. For the past month, many of the Jackson family members have been accused of using each other in attempts to gain access to MJ’s money. His will has been challenged. Katherine herself was allegedly kidnapped, and the whole thing has been a black eye for all involved. Thus, now seems like the worst possible time to ask for money.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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