Kelly Clarkson’s quest to own Jane Austen’s antique ring has officially come to a disappointing end. After purchasing the beauty at auction, it was denied export because of “national treasure” status and Jane Austen’s House Museum in Chawton, Hampshire was given a few months to raise £152,450 to match her bid. The non-profit officially raised the rest of the funds over the weekend, leaving Clarkson out of luck for the something old item needed for her upcoming marriage.

No doubt the result was disappointing for Clarkson, but she was very gracious about her loss. In fact, she even reached out to British Austen fans to give them a thumbs up. Here’s what she told The Guardian
"The ring is a beautiful national treasure, and I am happy to know that so many Jane Austen fans will get to see it."

Life is too short to make a big scene about issues like this. Is it kinda stupid that she bought something fair and square at auction and later had the purchase taken away? Yes. But can you see why British people would really rather the ring stay in England? Yes. It’s a complicated situation. Maybe she could have had it after years of lawsuits and legal fees, but in the long run, that would only make her look bad. Instead, she now has all of her money back and comes off as a gracious woman who picked the high road.

Throughout her time in the public eye, Clarkson has always had a very good relationship with fans. She works very hard to be an accessible, supportive and relatable human being, and this gracious act will no doubt only add to that reputation.

Even given all that, however, there’s still a tiny part of me that wishes Clarkson had gotten the ring. After all, it’s probably the one thing in the entire world that could have made this stunning engagement photo even better. Austen herself definitely would have approved…


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