Regardless of what Rosetta Stone might tell you, learning a second language can be difficult. At least if you wait until you’re older. Studies have shown for years that childhood is the best time to learn a new language, and if you want some informal proof, look no further than Kendra Wilkinson’s son. The apparently precocious two-year-old proved his linguistic skills earlier this week when he asked for more milk in Spanish.

Hank IV is frequently supervised by a nanny who interacts with the little guy in her native Spanish. According to People, he learned the phrase from her, and during a recent dinner party, busted it out when he got thirsty. Here’s how Kendra described her reaction…
“I was so caught off-guard. I thought he was speaking baby. Now Hank and I are going to have to learn Spanish, but it’s a good thing.”

Much of the country knows random Spanish phrases and has some ability to communicate in dire circumstances, but being comfortable and fluent speaking a second language can be a great way to set yourself apart on a job application. If Hank IV continues interacting in Spanish for the next few years, it should be forever inside his memory, waiting to come out when needed—like say in twelve years when he takes Spanish for the first time in high school.

This whole cultural exposure thing might not have been planned by Kendra and her husband Hank Baskett, but it makes them look like geniuses. Well played.

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