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Klaus Kinski's Daughter Claims The German Actor Raped Her When She Was A Child

Throughout his life, German actor Klaus Kinski was known as a loose canon and a bit of a nut job. His own autobiography largely reinforced that image and even addressed the time he spent in psychiatric hospitals. In recent years, the veracity of that account has been questioned, but if his daughter is to be believed, he was far more of a lunatic than even his biggest critics thought.

Speaking to German outlet The Local, Pola Kinski said her father, who died in 1991, routinely molested and raped her between the ages of five and nineteen. She allegedly begged him to stop, but he continued his abhorrent behavior and would periodically buy her expensive gifts as a way to try and make the situation right.

Pola, now sixty and herself a relatively famous actress in Germany, will publish a book about her supposed traumatic childhood later this year. She said she felt compelled to come forward because of how warmly the media and the film community have treated her father’s memory since he passed. While he was alive, he was widely regarded as a tough and strange man, but in recent years, many of those ruffles have been pushed aside or forgotten.

None of Kinski’s other children have spoken publically about Pola’s accusations. Since the alleged crimes occurred more than forty years ago, it’s really hard to prove what happened one way or another. Considering how serious the accusations are, however, hopefully evidence of the real truth will emerge at some point, regardless of what it is.

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