Kristin Cavallari only recently had her first child. Back in August, the 25-year-old popped out a little boy named Camden Jack. Apparently her baby is a real sweetie, or at least isn’t much of a whiner, because the new mommy says she and her fiancé, NFL player Jay Cutler, are considering having another baby. She’s not talking five years down the road, or even two, but instead would like to try for child number two very soon.

The new mom recently spoke with People about her new life with baby Camden, as well as her continually evolving relationship with 29-year-old Cutler. Cutler and Cavallari have been baby crazy in recent months, with the former reality celebrity stating the couple would love to have a full brood, and maybe even start trying for another baby within the next year.
”Jay wants four so we’d love to have two closer in age, take a little break then have two more…I can see us having another baby in a year. We’d love to have three boys and a girl. But we’ll be happy with anything!”

It’s super cute that the two are already planning the kid to adult ratio in their little family, but it’s a little surprising that in the same conversation, Cavallari would brush off thoughts of marriage. Sure, she and Cutler went through a rough patch the last time they had any firm wedding plans, but with a child in the picture, it might be time for them to work on their commitment level. It seems more likely we will be hearing about another baby before wedding bells, however.
“We’re a family and it feels like we’re already married. Marriage isn’t at the top of our priority list right now, but we’ll do it.”

The couple doesn’t need to be married to capably raise a family, but the couple’s weird on again, off again engagement doesn’t exactly reassure the populace the two have super strong bonds. Here’s to hoping little Camden with have a brother or sister soon, and Cavallari will nab the big day and dress that she deserves.

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