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Yesterday, Kristin Chenoweth was shooting scenes on the set of The Good Wife in New York when a gust of wind propelled a lighting silk toward the ground. Unfortunately, its fall was broken by the actress’ head. The blow reportedly caused a kink in her balance which sent her face first into the concrete. The star may or may not have been knocked out cold, but either way, she was eventually taken to Bellevue Hospital for treatment and observation.

When the news first broke yesterday, there were no updates on Chenoweth’s condition, but now, we’ve finally been given at least a few details. According to The New York Daily News, she was released from the hospital earlier today, reportedly just hours after she was seen moving gingerly and wearing a neck brace. Sources within the hospital are also saying she spent some brief time in the intensive care unit, but given she’s already home and resting, this whole mess must not be that serious.

CBS is yet to comment on how Chenoweth’s absence could potentially affect episodes being completed on time for The Good Wife’s upcoming season, but you can’t imagine any of this would help. The actress was tapped to play a political reporter who digs a little too deep. The part was clearly a major one, at least for a guest star; so, it’s possible the network will need to push everything back or go in a different direction. We’ll keep you updated if we hear anything.

Until then, our thoughts go out to Chenoweth as she recovers.

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