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In an effort to prevent LiveStrong from dealing with his doping controversy, Lance Armstrong stepped away from the leadership duties for the charity he founded yesterday. Since 1997, the organization has raised roughly $470 million, more than eighty percent of which has gone directly to cancer research or helping those affected by cancer. More importantly, it and Armstrong have become powerful symbols of beating disease and accomplishing your dreams. Fans and admirers flooded to donate to the charity for a decade and a half, but with all of the recent allegations, something had to change.

According to ESPN, crisis management experts began forecasting grave trouble for Livestrong after Armstrong decided not to fight the latest round of doping scandals. For years, the cyclist has vehemently maintained his innocence, arguing he passed every single one of the hundreds of drug tests he took, but after so many courtroom battles and so much money spent, he decided enough was enough and people can believe what they want to believe. Briefly, it appeared many might remain on Lance’s side, but in recent weeks, documents showing more than ten teammates testified against him have emerged.

Whether he used or not, Armstrong has done a hell of a lot of good for society. It’s understandable why, at this point, he can no longer be the face of LiveStrong, but hopefully, the organization will continue doing plenty of good with someone else at the helm.

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