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Are you aware that the praying mantis has five eyes, can swivel its head one hundred and eighty degrees and eats its food one appendage at a time? Probably not, but those hot facts shouldn’t surprise you considering the insect is both aggressively bizarre and the inspiration for ZeFrank’s latest entry in his “True Facts” series.

Over the past few months, ZeFrank has rolled out hilarious tributes to creatures such as the sloth and the anglerfish. All have been brilliant, and this latest entry is too. Check out the “True Facts About The Mantis” below…

You know how sometimes males will choke themselves while jerking off to add a sense of danger? The female praying mantis eating the male during sex if she gets bored is like the ultimate upgrade to that idea. It’s a gigantic risk, but if the male is good enough and competent enough, he can stave off death. Consequently, I’m sure some try all the time and I’m sure others are content to stay out of the game and mind their own business.

As usual, we’ll let you know when ZeFrank roles out his next hilarious installment, which might well be the best current recurring series on YouTube.

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