Destiny’s Child news has been popping up left and right over the last few days, with the trio of powerful singers deciding to put out a compilation album, as well as reunite to perform as part of the Super Bowl halftime show. The compilation album, called Love Songs, is set to feature some Destiny’s Child classics, a 2002 remix of the group’s hit song “Say My Name,” and a brand new track called “Nuclear.” We won’t have to wait until the album’s January 29 release date to hear the track, however. Luckily, fans can hear the brand new track right now.

Mashable broke the song on Friday, working with Sony Music to bring the new track to fans. The song starts out with some spoken words stating “I Love You” and despite the fervency of those words, the rest of the track is pretty laidback. Usually, I’m a huge sucker for Destiny’s Child hits, which offer energy, emotion, or both. However, “Nuclear” should be renamed “Neutral.”

If you’re like me and don’t dig the track, you might still be interested in Love Songs, which will feature 14 different Destiny’s Child tracks. And even if the ladies are set to perform “Nuclear” at the Super Bowl on February 3, they are also set to perform a medley of their greatest hits, so it should be worth watching, and besides, Destiny’s Child member Beyoncé is set to headline the halftime show. “Nuclear” may not officially be a comeback for the group, but they will certainly milk the new music for all it’s worth.

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