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For as long as there have been human beings, parents have struggled with how to tell their existing children a baby is about to join the family. Some just blurt out the news immediately. Some bide their time until the day gets closer and have a long and honest conversation, and others, well, others just write the message on a delicious cake.

That latest wacky way is the approach YouTube user Nathan Clark and his wife decided to roll with, but while they got the reaction from their oldest daughter that they were probably expecting, their littlest girl’s response was anything but. Hungry from staring at the cake and clearly a bit confused about what was happening, the little girl asked her mom if she could eat one of the babies.

Not surprisingly, footage of the conversation quickly went viral as soon as it was uploaded to YouTube. In just a few short days, it has already amassed more than one hundred thousand views, which is incredible considering the Clark Family’s other videos haven’t exactly created very many waves.

There is an insane number of YouTube videos featuring children doing stupid things only their parents would want to watch. Luckily, the ones that have actual merit tend to rise to the top and come to everyone’s attention.

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