After a week of waffling between optimism and pessimism depending on the state of the latest will-they-or-won’t-they rumors, N Sync fans were, in fact, treated to the much-hyped performance during tonight’s Video Music Awards on MTV. In honor of his Vanguard Video Award and obviously as a way to promote his recent album, Timberlake busted into a slew of his most beloved songs in an incredibly awesome medley before he was joined onstage by the bandmates he first shot to fame with.

As you can see in the above video, the crowd was extremely pleased with the performance. It was bedlam inside the Barclays Center the second the other four members joined Timberlake on the stage. They didn’t remain for very long, but during their portion, they busted out portions of two songs and proved they’re still more than limber enough to move in unison.

You can take a look at a picture of the guys below…

On the one hand, I think we can all admit this performance wasn’t the embarrassing mess some of N Sync’s biggest fans were worried about. Justin, Joey, JC, Lance and Chris are all still in shape, and they’re all still more than worthy of such a big stage. Judging by the enthusiastic high fives following the performance and how much Timberlake praised the other guys during his acceptance speech, it’s pretty clear there will always be chemistry, but still being able to do it isn’t the same thing as should be doing it. N Sync may have rocked out in the last 90s and early 2000s, but sometimes it’s better to just leave fans the memories they grew up with. Last night made it pretty clear the guys aren't exactly on trend anymore, and a prolonged reunion could cause that to become all too clear. Besides, any time JT spends with 'N Sync is time he isn't spending on acting or performing; so, anyone who wants a full on tour would need to ask themselves whether the boy band is good enough to justify that tradeoff.

What do you think? How did Justin and the boys do tonight? Let us know your thoughts on the performance by voting in the poll below…

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