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Comic book fans have it made right now. Whether you’re into cosplay and comic-con, superhero movies or TV shows, comic books and adaptations are becoming much more regular things. And what’s even cooler than seeing superheroes everywhere in the media, is seeing fan-made fun inspired by the same. In a uniquely inspired project, one comic book fan/makeup artist began transforming regular people into superheroes with just a bit of face paint...and the outcome is stunning.

By day, Lianne Moseley, the woman responsible for these masterpieces is a freelance makeup artist working for brides and models, but by night, her brightest colors come out as she puts paints the faces of friends and family to look like incredibly realistic, three-dimensional versions of comic book characters.

The 25-year-old Canadian told The Huffington Post Alberta that this transformation technique is a fairly new skill set. But, her passion for comics began as a very young child as she would pour over her brother’s graphic novels, spend hours sketching Sailor Moon after school, and devoted her weekend mornings to X-Men cartoons. Her favorite transformation was Captain Planet though, as she noted:
Much of the notoriety I have received online is due to my older brother, Derek, posting my work on Reddit...(Captain Planet) was my way of paying tribute to my brother and all his support of my art.

Moseley has begun putting her skills up for hire, often working the local cosplay and costume circuit. But, she told HuffPo that her real dream is to one day do movie makeup, which I think we can all get behind. I would love to see a film with these incredible three-dimensional characters. It would be like watching a comic book come to life before your eyes.

And Moseley has done characters outside the comic book sphere too, creating a truly authentic Archer and even a cartoon Spock in remembrance of Leonard Nimoy. You can see more of Moseley’s amazing makeup transformations on her Instagram page.

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