Lighters might be cheap and available at gas stations all over the country, but in a pinch, a good blacksmith can find other ways to light a cigarette. This crazy older gentlemen is a good example of that. Armed with a hammer, an anvil and an iron skewer, he pounds away for about twenty seconds before putting his cigarette to the end of the skewer and breathing in the noxious fumes.

It’s quite possibly the manliest way in the world to light a cigarette, and it just so happens to work like a charm. You can take a look at the brute force ingenuity below…

How impressive are those hammer strokes? I’m not sure Thor could do any better. He rotates the skewer so effortlessly and always strikes down exactly where he’s aiming. You can tell this dude takes his work seriously and is brutally efficient. He smokes the same way too.

Sadly, thanks to old age and, yes, smoking, dudes like this are dying off, and they’re not being replaced in nearly the same numbers. So, if you have a grandfather like this or an older welder you know from the neighbor, schedule some time and have him teach you stuff like this. Even if you don’t smoke, it would be nice as a dangerous and impressive party trick.

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