Marilyn Manson Engaged To Woman He's Dated For 6 Weeks

Update: This is, apparently, a huge misunderstanding. The woman in question is apparently engaged to a former bandmember of Marilyn Manson and has never even met Manson himself. You can read about how the hell everyone got fooled right here.

Marilyn Manson might have a weird job, but that doesn’t mean the musician hasn’t spent the last decade and a half looking for something conventional: a woman to spend his life with. That quest led him to three high profile relationships, an engagement to actress Rose McGowan, a marriage to model Dita Von Teese and another engagement to actress Evan Rachel Wood. Unfortunately, all three ended in heartbreak, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to give up the fight.

According to E! News, Manson has just popped the question to his girlfriend Seraphim Ward. The twenty-seven-year-old actress and occult filmmaker has only been dating the rocker for a little more than five weeks, but apparently, the two didn’t need longer than that to realize something felt very right. He surprised her with a family heirloom engagement ring, and she said yes, later tweeting a picture. You can take a look at it below…

For those concerned things might have progressed a bit quickly, fear not, the couple has decided to work on their relationship and focus on her acting debut in Speed Dragon and his upcoming album Born Villain before moving forward with any specific wedding plans.

Pop Blend wishes Marilyn Manson and Seraphim Ward nothing but the best as they attempt to make a life together. Here’s to hoping this will be the last relationship they’ll ever want or need.

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