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Mark Cuban Sells Cat Drawing For $1,000

Two years ago, comedian Steve Gadlin decided to begin selling customized cat drawings for ten dollars. Business somehow boomed, and he eventually appeared on the reality show Shark Tank looking for a partner to help him grow his website I Want To Draw A Cat For You. Mark Cuban bit on his pitch and invested twenty-five thousand dollars. Shortly thereafter, Gadlin posted a notice saying the Dallas Mavericks owner was available for customized cat drawings too for a fee of one thousand dollars. It was meant as a joke, but David Switzer took it seriously.

The twenty-four year old offered up the thousand bucks, and Cuban, always excited about making money, has decided to honor the request. According to TMZ, the mogul solicited advice from Gadlin on what a potential picture should look like, and now he’s currently putting the finishing touches on his masterpiece.

As of press time, I Want To Draw A Cat For You has sold more than five thousand of the drawings at ten dollars a piece. The site also offers a monthly Cat Club and is currently working on a line of toys. You can check out an example of one of the pictures below…

I’m not saying I would pay Gadlin ten dollars for this, but part of me gets why someone else would. It’s a goofy, easy to put together gift, and there’s something sorta charming about the figures. That being said, a thousand dollars seems like a bit of a stretch, even if features a Mark Cuban autograph.

Mack Rawden

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