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Michael Strahan: Do You Think He's A Good Choice For Live With Kelly?

Kelly Ripa won’t officially introduce her new co-host until September 4, but thanks to the power of the Internet and the willingness of sources to open their mouths, everyone is pretty confident the choice will be Michael Strahan. The affable former New York Giant honed his television skills on Fox’s Sunday morning NFL show and improved them further during several co-hosting stints with Ripa.

Far from the most obvious choice, Strahan wasn’t considered by many as a permanent replacement possibility when his first stint was announced, but something about his goofy smile and natural charisma naturally bounced off Ripa’s perky demeanor. The two just worked, and while some of the other fifty-eight co-hosts could have potentially been better, for me, it’s hard to argue with this choice.

My opinion doesn’t really matter though. Strahan was clearly chosen by Ripa and her producers because they think he can act like a shot in the arm to the show and secure a nice, long run. In order to do that, people need to watch. Live needs to maintain at least as many viewers as it has been getting during the co-host search and ideally, improve once viewers get more comfortable with Michael.

What do you think? Is this casting the right decision or should producers have focused their efforts on getting one of the numerous other choices? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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Mack Rawden

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