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Ask Men just released its annual list of the ninety-nine most desirable women as voted on by its readers, and the final product is attracting plenty of attention both for its winner and for an unexpected choice. Hunger Games/ Silver Linings Playlist actress Jennifer Lawrence fought off all contenders this year and came in at number one, while First Lady Michelle Obama finished in thirty-third position.

Given she’s publically vowed never to lose weight for a role and doesn’t seem overly interested in marketing herself as a sex symbol as much as an actress, Lawrence’s win has surprised many, though it hasn’t exactly generated a ton of controversy. Mrs. Obama, on the other hand, has received more than a few double takes and plenty of confused “WTF?” comments from readers.

Ask Men singles out the recent publication of a book about Michelle’s garden and her husband’s recent election victory as reasons for her making the list, but as a forty-eight-year-old powerful wife and mother with real influence on policy, she seems, to many, more like a woman to be admired than a woman people actually desire. To others, however, her bold style choices and every woman appeal make her the perfect choice to earn a middling position on a most desirable list like this.

What do you think? Is Mrs. Obama really one of the most desirable women of 2012? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Is Michelle One Of The Most Desirable Women Of 2012?

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