Just because Michelle Obama can’t be Beyonce doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy the pop singer’s hottest tracks. Just days after revealing her envy of Jay-Z’s wife, the First Lady took daughters Sasha and Malia to watch the former Destiny’s Chid star bust out two dozen songs at Revel Resorts in Atlantic City last night, and by all accounts, the three girls couldn’t have enjoyed themselves more.

According to The Associated Press, Sasha and Malia sang along with the rest of the crowd as Beyonce performed “Love on Top”, and Michelle received possibly the biggest ovation of the night as excited fans watched her gracefully arrive. That has to be one of the biggest perks of being a First Lady. Regardless of the popularity of their husbands, most of their wives tend remain steadily beloved. When the Bush’s left the White House, Laura’s favorable ratings were close to eighty percent, while her husband’s were barely half that. Michelle doesn’t come close to doubling her husband, but she still consistently outperforms him.

Given her husband’s job, sometimes it’s hard to remember the Obama’s are a family just as in need of fun and distraction as the rest of us. Here’s to hoping Michelle, Sasha and Malia found that and a nice bonding memory at last night’s concert. And here’s to hoping Beyonce, having recently returned to performing following her baby, found the stage every bit as enchanting as she did when she first left.

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