Public health officials in Michigan are encouraging residents to get tested for HIV after a fifty-one year old man was arrested for intentionally spreading the disease. While in custody, David Dean Smith confessed to bedding thousands of people without using protection after he was diagnosed three years ago. Exactly what the actual number might be is still unclear at this juncture, but what is known is that the accused spent the last three years sleeping with as many people as he could find via Yahoo Personal Ads and on-the-street encounters.

According to The New York Daily News, Smith’s path of terror likely extended beyond Michigan’s borders, but as of press time, only two victims have been identified and tested. Public health officials are very concerned hundreds of even thousands of people could be infected, and they could unknowingly be spreading the disease to even more partners.

Smith’s pattern of reckless behavior is somewhat reminiscent of Gaetan Dugas, the Canadian flight attendant who was, perhaps unfairly, dubbed patient zero. He had sex with hundreds of men across the country following his diagnosis, even as evidence mounted of the damage he was doing.

Court documents reportedly indicate Smith has admitted being “sexually aroused by causing pain to females”, but as of press time, he hasn’t spoken publicly about his abhorrent behavior. He remains in jail on a $100,000 dollar bond.

Regardless of whether you had sex with the man pictured above or not, if you have any reason to suspect you may be in danger, get tested for HIV. It's quick and painless. Knowing is always better.

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