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Miranda Kerr has been spotted out and about this week wearing a neck brace. The 29-year-old model was seen on Tuesday wearing the brace and attempting to keep it covered with a flimsy scarf. There are plenty of exotic accidents that could have been the culprit of her injury, but her agent confirmed on Wednesday that in actuality, the culprit was a car accident.

Kerr was driving on a freeway in Los Angeles on Monday when she was hit . Her rep later divulged some of the details to Australia’s News 9, noting that the model is just happy her husband, Orlando Bloom and son Flynn were not in the vehicle with her at the time of the accident. Reports also indicate the driver who hit the model was arrested after the accident and charged with reckless driving.

As a Victoria’s Secret model, Kerr has always presented modest ideas about her own beauty, but that doesn’t mean a neck brace isn’t devastating for a woman who works continuously and needs to be in great shape to do that work. The model is not the only famous face to be forced to sport a neck brace in the last several months. Actress Kristin Chenoweth sported a brace earlier in the TV season after a lighting accident on the set of CBS’ The Good Wife.

Pop Blend wishes Kerr the best as she recovers from her neck-straining injury and gingerly works her neck back into modeling shape.