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In terrible, spineless, over-parenting news, the head football coach of the number one ranked Texas 4A high school football team is being investigated by his superiors after the parent of an opposing player filled out a report accusing him of bullying. Why? Because his team from Aledo blew out its Western Hills foes 91 to 0, which apparently makes him not a great coach but instead, a complete asshole.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Hey, 91 to 0 seems like overkill. Maybe this jerk was just trying to rub the other team’s noses in their comparative ineptitude. Wrong. Coach Tim Buchanan put his foot on the gas during the first half, en route to a 56 to 0 lead at halftime. Once the third quarter started, he mostly used his second and third string players. He also instructed his return men to fair catch every single punt, stopped calling all of his complicated plays and took as much time as possible between plays in order to prevent his offense from scoring 100 points.

The bullying report admits none of the players talked any trash or tried to make the opposing team feel bad about being down by so many points. It accuses Buchanan, however, of not telling his players to compete at less than maximum effort in order to keep the score closer, a charge the coach fully pleads guilty to.

Here’s what he told ESPN
"I can't tell the backups not to play hard. They've worked their tails off all week. They've lifted weights in the offseason. I'm not going to tell them not to play."

This quote, in a nutshell, is why this isn’t a case of bullying. Most high schools are really good at a random sport or two. Consequently, there are a fair amount of players on those individual teams who don’t get an opportunity to play very often. They go to every practice, and they train just as hard, all in hopes of being able to compete during a game and impress the coaching staff to perhaps get a bigger role down the line. Those kids deserve the opportunity to get out there and show what they can do, regardless of what the score is. Every good football coach is aware of that, including the one who was on the receiving end of the beatdown.

Here’s what Western Hills coach John Naylor told the Star-Telegram
“I think the game was handled fine. They’re No. 1 for a reason, and I know coach Buchanan. We’re fighting a real uphill battle right now. We just ran into a buzzsaw, you know. (Aledo) just plays hard. And they’re good sports, and they don’t talk at all. They get after it, and that’s the way football is supposed to be played in Texas.”

Parents think they’re protecting their child by filling out bullying reports like this, but all they’re really doing is sending the wrong message to their children. If someone straight up beats you and is a complete gentleman about it, take your lumps, learn from his or her humility and move on. At times, we’re all winners, and at times, we’re all losers. The important part is learning how to become a better person from both.

By the way, if you want to see what actual bullying looks like, you can head here for some clarification.

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