Murder Suspect Says She Gave Boyfriend The Nose Job He Always Wanted

Twenty-one-year-old murder suspect Shayna Hubers was hoping a Highland Heights, Kentucky judge would offer her the chance to get out of jail while she awaits the upcoming trial, but after getting wind of what she allegedly told police officers, it’s not a shock her request was denied. Detective Bill Birkenhauer told the court Hubers said her now deceased twenty-nine-year-old boyfriend, Ryan Poston, was always a pretty vain man; so, the bullet she fired into his face merely “gave him the nose job” he’d always wanted.

You can take a look at Shayna’s mug shot below…

According to, Judge Karen Thomas officially revoked Hubers’ bond not longer after the detective’s statements and has announced the University of Kentucky graduate will remain in jail until she’s either acquitted or serves whatever sentence the jury gives her. Seeing as how much evidence there is against her, the latter is looking more likely than the former.

On October 12, Hubers shot Poston during a lengthy argument. In addition to those alleged stupid nose job comments, she told police officers the personal injury attorney who she’d been dating for over a year was being mentally abusive and she was in fear when she reached for the gun and shot him twice from across the kitchen table. When his body wouldn’t stopped twitching, she shot him a further four times.

Not surprisingly, family members and friends of both the victim and the accused have admitted the couple’s relationship was very troubled for a long time. We’ll keep you updated.

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