My Morning Jacket is planning to party hard next January. The Louisville, Kentucky originated band is selling tickets this month for an event at the Riviera Maya in Mexico which will soon be known as the Hard Rock Riviera Maya. The event is amusingly being dubbed My Morning Jacket’s One Big Holiday.

One Big Holiday sounds more like an “experience” than anything else. The four-day event at the hotel is technically being called a festival, but it sounds more like a giant party at a fun, event-filled resort. The event is an all-inclusive vacation that will offer partygoers the chance to wake up and take a yoga class, go kayaking or snorkeling, and then have some tequila and eat some BBQ before the night’s big show. The event’s website is packaging the whole deal as “more than just a series of shows.” Drinks will be a part of the package, as well.

Pre-sale for the wild-sounding event will begin on June 19 and 20 and the general sale will begin a day later, on June 21. A $250 deposit per person will reserve a room. 2,500 fans will eventually be booked for the hotel, which is currently under renovation and will be revamped as a Hard Rock Riviera Maya this fall. The actual 4-day event will take place between January 26 and January 30th. Tickets for the event will run fairly steep, with costs running between $1,249 and $2,599 (although, when considering the all-inclusive aspect of the event, that isn’t half bad).

Concerts on resorts have certainly happened in the past, but the newness of the resort plus the fact that My Morning Jacket is headlining makes this one a little special, if you have the moolah to shell out to actually go and the drive to party hard while you are there.

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