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A strange light found in a recent Curiosity rover picture from Mars was revealed to be, wait for it, not an “alien bonfire”. Conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts wanted to believe the light was some sort of sign that there was indeed intelligent life on Mars. The truth is, it was nothing more than cosmic rays reacting to the camera and playing tricks. Or is that what NASA wants us to think?

No, it’s actually what happened. Two cameras, according to National Geographic, captured the photo and while one picture showed the light, the second photo taken at the same time showed everything but the light. NASA says this isn’t the first time a light has reflected off a rock in Mars rover pictures, but it is the first time people thought it involved aliens. Does the fact that the image appeared two days in a row make the alien bonfire claim any more valid though?!

Once again, no. There are many other factors that can dismiss this claim. First of all, in case you think literally, no oxygen equals no fire let alone a bonfire. For anyone who figured that was a just a metaphor for the image at hand congrats for being a cut above the rest of conspirators. Many scientists have stated throughout the years that IF intelligent life were to exist, it’s highly unlikely their senses would operate the same way ours would. This could mean they don’t use light to see, or even require heat to live, so why would they have a fire?

I suppose there is a possibility, a very slight possibility, that aliens could be living underneath the surface of Mars. They could use light like we do, and the bonfire could have been a signal to alert us to their presence. It also could have been possible that one of the Martians messed up and left their space fire going, thus alerting us to their presence. If any of that is true, however, than Martians have to be the dumbest species we will ever encounter.

Two years, the Curiosity rover has been there, and we think this is the moment they want to reveal themselves? Couldn’t they do something a little bit more obvious, maybe like, walk in front of the camera? Say you’re going with the “in hiding” argument. Two years this rover has been moving at a snails pace and you can’t outwit it? There very well may be life out there, but if this is how it operates, it isn’t intelligent. Yet speculation continues. The search goes on, perhaps one day revealing that there is life, albeit very stupid life, on Mars.

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