NBA Legend Dennis Rodman Meets Dad After 42 Years

Six years ago, NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman was given a chance to meet his absentee father during a trip to the Philippines. The rebounding machine decided against it. Earlier today, however, he had a change of heart. Following an NBA alumni game alongside fellow greats like Scottie Pippen and Mitch Richmond, Rodman shook his dad’s hand and chatted with him about life. The meeting was a long time coming, but if you take it from Philander Rodman Jr, it went better than he ever could have expected.

The elder Rodman has been living in the Philippines for more than fifty years. He fathered Dennis, along with at least twenty-nine other children, but was never a part of the NBA legend’s life. Moving forward, he’d like to be. According to ESPN, he even gave his most famous son his phone number, but given the brevity of the conversation and the lack of public comments from Dennis, it’s unclear whether he’s interested in following up.

Rodman has had some legal troubles and money troubles in recent years, but the Worm remains wildly popular around the world. His flashy hair colors are fondly remembered by many, and they’re even a source of inspiration for his father who owns a restaurant called Rodman’s Rainbow Obamaburger, which offers flashy bun colors as a tribute.

Whether he decides to welcome his father into his life or not, Pop Blend wishes Dennis nothing but the best moving forward.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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