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Nadya Suleman probably thought the blow to her pride would be the biggest issue when she got on welfare, but now it seems jail time could be the biggest downside. In recent weeks, the Los Angeles County Department Of Welfare Fraud Prevention has apparently launched an investigation into whether Octomom bamboozled the taxpayers out of money when she applied for and accepted assistance from the State.

According to E! News, an anonymous informant called the Department and told them Octomom pulled in more than two hundred thousand dollars last year, which, even given her fourteen children, is a big no-no as far as accepting hand-outs goes. She would have needed to make less than one hundred and twenty thousand to be eligible.

Ordinarily, welfare fraud cases are of the open and shut variety, but in Octomom’s case, her streams of income make it a little more complicated. She may have made two hundred thousand last year, but there was no consistency. From paid dinners with fans to her pornography, she made a ton of money some months and almost nothing other months; so, she may not have been intentionally gaming the system when she applied for welfare. In fact, she may have actually needed the money at the time to feed her family.

We’ll keep you updated as the investigation progresses.