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There are plenty of different ways to propose, but a TV news personality has the unique potential to pick a date and propose to his girlfriend on air, network willing. Of course, the TV personality who goes out on a limb to propose to his gal on live TV must either be a bold sucker or an overly confident one. For NBC local news anchor Mark Rivera, who proposed to his girlfriend on air, I’m guessing confident applies.

Rivera put his girlfriend, Alissa Groeninger, up to a bit of a ruse when he got her into the studio to record the show's "special episode." He starts out introducing her as a State Journal Register employee, with the intent to question her about her position. He’s itching to pop the question and stops mid-sentence, segueing into a marriage proposal. Earlier, I said the kid was confident, and despite a few nerves, he gets out what he wants to say with ease and she says yes, crying a little, practically before he finishes. Any women who is willing to say yes before a man even finishes proposing is a worthy woman, and besides, they look super cute together.

During the on-air interview, Rivera notes the couple has been dating for three years. That’s a perfect amount of time to really get to know one another, and Pop Blend would like to wish the two the very best as they move forward with wedding plans, and plan their off-air lives together. May they have a few more moments as cute as this one in their future.

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