It's no secret that celebrities find themselves in trouble with the law pretty frequently for one reason or another. Whether its power, money, stress or fame that drives them to disregard the law is no excuse to break all the rules. Many celebs find themselves with just a slap on the wrist after such discretions. However, Nigella Lawson was recently banned from the United States for breaking the rules.

“Domestic Goddess,” Nigella Lawson is banned from entering the US after a drug confession, the Daily Mail reports. Lawson was unable to board a plane from London's Heathrow Airport to Los Angeles because of a trial last year where she admitted under oath to using cocaine and smoking weed in front of her children. Authorities in the UK did not punish her for the confession, but it seems officials here in the States have been a little tougher.

Apparently, the United States government can choose to bar a foreigner from entering the country if they commit drug offenses, even if they've never been charged. Authorities think Lawson did try to apply to the US government for the ban to be lifted, but the process can take months and is a subjective process. Allegedly she was denied access to board after she went through security. The US government has a lengthy “no-fly list,” to help combat terrorism or prevent anyone else not allowed in the country from getting in. All passengers, even US citizens, have to be cleared before boarding a plane. Strangely just weeks after the confession, Lawson was able to enter the US and film an interview for the show The Taste, which she hosts and mentors on.

Celebrities that get in trouble with the law are pretty much guaranteed to have that follow them for at least a little while. Justin Bieber has recently been in the news for allegedly participating or being part of a slew of nasty behavior. Chris Brown can't seem to stay out of the bad kind of spotlight--even when trying to clean up his act. He was even kicked out of rehab for alleged inappropriate acts. Lindsay Lohan has been known for the past few years as someone who engages in a lot of suspected bad behavior, too. Lawson's own troubles with the law are clearly more prominent because of her status.

This year has been a difficult year for Lawson on top of being banned from the US. She and her husband Charles Saatchi divorced after a newspaper printed photos of him with his hands around Lawson's neck. She also had to testify against her former housekeepers, who were accused of stealing from her and her husband, which is where her drug use came to light. Lawson claimed in the trial that the drug use was to help her cope with her first husband, John Diamond, dying. Here's to hoping her next twelve months aren't quite so difficult.
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