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Nadya Suleman officially checked out of the Chapman House Drug Rehabilitation Center in Southern California yesterday after completing the month long in-house treatment program. The milestone was a big victory in Octomom’s personal life, and it allowed her to make it home in time to eat a Thanksgiving meal with her brood of children.

According to TMZ, the family went with ham instead of turkey and accompanied it with stuffing, apple sauce and a slew of other side dishes. By all accounts, the meal went great and more importantly, was a smooth transition for the mother back into her home after the absence.

Years of not only being on the front pages but also dealing with fourteen children led Suleman to start taking Xanax. This year, that reliance on medication reportedly got stronger, and rather than set herself up for a serious problem down the road, she decided to get help immediately. That led to this recently completed stint in rehab that flew by without any incidents.

This morning, Suleman’s publicist released a statement saying her client was very pleased to be done with rehab but was well aware the battle will continue now that she’s home. Hopefully, the mother can handle all of the domestic pressures and cope using the methods she learned in rehab rather than taking pills. Her children deserve a present and healthy mother who is there over the long haul.

With hard work and determination, she can be exactly that.