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Olympic Hero Kerri Strug Has A Baby

It’s been sixteen years since the Magnificent Seven claimed the ladies team gold medal in Atlanta, and one-by-one, they have begun marrying and having their own little athletes. The latest to have a baby is Kerri Strug who, along with husband Robert Fischer, welcomed in son Tyler William on March 1.

Strug was far from the most talented or lauded member of the team heading into the ’96 Olympics, but she wound up capturing the lion’s share of the headlines when she stuck a vault with an injured ankle to seal the title. Her performance was gusty and inspirational, and it led to a ton of fame following the games. She eventually decided to attend college where she managed the UCLA gymnastics team and later received a masters degree from Stanford. In the years since, she’s taken on a few jobs for the government, gotten married and now become a mother.

Speaking to People, Strug gushed about the new addition to her family and described it using the sport she knows best…

“It’s kind of like my gymnastics training when people said, ‘Dreams do come true, anything’s possible.’ You hear these things and you really want to believe them, but you don’t quite get it until you go through it. And it’s the same with Tyler. I understand it now, the immediate love.”

Pop Blend’s sincerest congratulations go out to Strug and Fischer as they adjust to life with a new member of the family. It took poise and determination for the gymnast to accomplish her dreams on the world stage, and it’ll take that same effort every day at home to give little Tyler everything he deserves.

Mack Rawden

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