A number of celebrities have offered their condolences and support to the families of the victims of the tragic Newtown, Connecticut shootings. Demi Lovato has taken her condolences a bit further, actually creating a cover version of Alabama’s famous song, “Angels Among Us” and singing it with emotional fervor and very little musical back-up.

In the video, Lovato sings “Angels Among Us” acoustically in the studio. Vocally, the song is a simple rendition, sung beautifully but not challenging her voice overly much. This is fitting, since the song is more about the victims of the shootings than The X Factor judge’s embellishments. With the lit candles and the simple music, the video is a fitting memorial service, and it is kind and well put together. The video was published just before the holidays, and comes with a message meant for the poor families who lost a child, a sibling, a parent, or a friend during the shootings.
“We can never imagine what the families in Newtown, CT are experiencing right now. And while there is nothing we can do to replace their loss, we can stand together and support them during this difficult time. This song is in honor of those angels we lost on December 14.”

The songstress initially reported the video via her Twitter and Pop Blend will keep you posted if any more musical gems head our way via that outlet.

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