Watch The Cast Of The Walking Dead Sing Happy Birthday To Demi Lovato

Who would have ever though that pop singers and the zombie apocalypse would go together so damn well? It turns out we were wrong to assume that they couldn't. Demi Lovato recently celebrated her 24th birthday, and even the cast of The Walking Dead decided to take the time to wish her well on her special day by sending her a heartwarming video. Check out the video in question below to see for yourself.

Don't you wish you could get a video like that your own birthday? I know I do. The above Snapchat video came from Demi Lovato's recent birthday party. During the festivities, the pop star received a video from the cast of the hit AMC zombie series wishing her well, and even taking the time to sing to her. The video then cuts to Josh McDermitt going full Eugene to the camera, telling Ms. Lovato that he very much "appreciates the female form," and giving her the sort of awkward advance that only someone as socially stunted as Eugene could possibly ever attempt.

I've got to hand it to the cast of The Walking Dead. Their on-screen counterparts may fight for their lives week after week, but they are all uniformly charming and charismatic in real life.

And of course, because we're Cinema Blend, we have to take this opportunity to dissect the 39-second video to try and see what we can glean from the upcoming season of The Walking Dead. Taking a head count, we can instantly see that Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, and Josh McDermitt most definitely make appearances, which means that they're all currently together on the set. There's also an incredibly brief glimpse of Steven Yeun, which could possibly indicate that Glenn might actually be safe from Negan's wrath when the season finally premieres.

Here are a handful of actors who aren't shown in the Snapchat video: Lauren Cohan, Michael Cudlitz, Ross Marquand, and Danai Gurira. Does this mean that characters like Maggie, Abraham, Aaron, and Michonne just went to the top of the chopping block? It's not a guarantee, but we can definitely add this video to the mounting list of evidence.

Check out the official Season 7 trailer for The Walking Dead and get excited for your favorite weekly gore fest to make a dramatic return this fall:

Cinema Blend will bring you all of the latest and greatest Walking Dead news as more details become available. The hit AMC zombie apocalypse series will return for its seventh season on Sunday, October 23 at 9 p.m. EST. Make sure to check out our fall TV premiere schedule and fill out your calendars appropriately.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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