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One Track Sunday: Kelly Clarkson Presents Tie It Up

Kelly Clarkson has weddings on the brain. The 31-year-old singer got engaged to Brandon Blackstock in December of 2012. Wedding plans have been moving forward since then, but the singer still has a music career to pursue, and there’s no reason that real life and art can’t tie in together somewhat. At least that seems to be the idea for “Tie it Up,” the brand new wedding-oriented single from the American Idol winner.

Earlier this week, the singer released the brand new music video for the single, which features a bunch of home videos and photo stills from weddings crafted together and juxtaposed with shots of the singer singing in a more casual sort of white dress. Clarkson’s been known for many pop hits, but this one offers some fun in the country, and it discusses themes that anyone can relate to, including saving the date, cutting the cake, and getting together all of the odds and ends that go into a wedding.

Fans were actually able to submit their own footage for the video, which is a good way to bring in some extra interest before the song even hit YouTube. Not that “Tie it Up” hasn’t already stirred up some interest. The song marks Clarkson’s first foray into the country realm. She premiered the song at the CMA Music Festival in June, and the song has been climbing in the country music charts ever since.

At the end of the video, Clarkson catches a wedding bouquet, which is a cute nod to her upcoming nuptials. She’s set to marry Blackstock on October 30 in Nashville, Tennessee. The singer revealed last spring that she has Blake Shelton on board to officiate the wedding. She also recently released an engagement photo to help to invest her fans in the big event. As that photo and the new music video shows, Clarkson’s a down home sort of girl who wants to feel connected to her fans.

We may not get to see Clarkson in some wedding gear in the video, but the cover art for the “Tie it Up” single is a little more revealing. According to Yahoo Music, Clarkson’s hand is actually connected to Blackstock’s in the photo, although he wasn’t happy about participating. We’re glad he did. The cover art helps to “tie” everything together quite nicely.


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